Monday, April 11, 2011

Erie Pa CopWatch's own Bussiere does a bike blog

BTF Snorts a Cookie.. on

Jimmys Friends Challenged to Pee on Jimmys Back.. on

Jimmy Gets Pissed at Momma & Pees on Her.. on

ogmike, the coinbox remake

Jimmy Derzko goes off on Coinbox Mike

OG Coinbox Mike shaves his eyebrows for $50 live on battlecam


Coinbox Mike Remix

beerguy calls 911 live on cam

Someone calls cops on beerguy

Beerguy gets cops called on him again

IRL Battlecam: Bourbon Hates Ryfourn

Okay, here's what happened according to me, Ryfourn.

We were taking some kind of group picture together, and I thought it would be funny if I had my tounge out near Bourbon's ear. I didn't actually lick his ear, but he was PISSED anyway.

When I realized I'd upset him, I tried to apologize. The guy physically attacked me by shoving me. I didn't want to leave things like that, so once again I tried to make peace with him. I thought any reasonable person would have just let it go if given an apology, but no.

Finally, he just gets in my face and screams. Notice I don't even react, because I actually feel bad for the guy (and I've dealt with people like him before... in the psych ward). I then place my hand on his shoulder and tell him I won't bother him again, because I respect him.

I really liked Bourbon and thought he was a great guy. I don't know why he gets so stressed and angry. He wouldn't even be social with us.

It was like if anybody touched him, he was ready to throw down. He called us like out of control, no, somebody like him who tries to start a fist fight out of nothing is out of control. I hope he doesn't try to take on so much responsiblity again, 'cuz he can't handle it.

Alki David & The Stripper Pole Prank.. on

Bourbon_Drinker & Ryfourn Fight at the Hotel.. on

Susie Having Items Thrown at Her.. on

BattleCam LIVE on DirecTV tonight !!

BattleCam LIVE on DirecTV tonight !!

Battlecam - Jen Pranks Alki

Interview with Streaker : Battlecam $1 MILLION Challenge by Sanmarts

Jimmy Fallon mentions Alki David & Obama Challenge Streaker

Alki David on RT News

Live TV online FilmOn Web Commercial for iPad, Blackberry, Android Promo

Battlecam Commercial

Vikki & Bubba dancing to (my neck my back) part 1

RealJustin On The Run From Cops on

Police seek answers in hostage hoax

DJ KEEMSTAR on How he got " SWATTED "

Alki tells Mike to wear a shirt first time on battlecam

You know I stole your bottle of wine

PRANK CALL on Police Officer call back - ZOLAR ON BATTLECAM funny

BTF! Gets kicked out of Starbucks! BATTLECAM

BTF aka Billy The Fridge fakes a seizure inside of starbucks

Justin Asked To Leave Kinkos.. on

Cops Called on Justin.. Justin Rages.. on

Justin Leaves Kinkos & the Cops Come.. on

Cops show up at bourbon drinkers(room_211) house on

BTF aka Billy The Fridge gets confronted by the police live on battlecam


The Real retarded pothead GhostDog put Bussiere of Erie Pa Copwatch/SpotLightTv on his hit list

GhostDog puts Bussiere of Erie Pa CopWatch on his list

This may or my not be the real retarded PotHead Stoner GhostDog
Want to be a ✩Reality TV STAR✩ ... ? will be LIVE on @DIRECTV Tonight at 9:00 PM PST

✩ TV is the live interactive reality television channel and community of


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The End of a Erie Pa ass beating ( found on youtube )

Erie Pa CopWatch's own Bussiere's Mentor Alki David Says Battlecam Will be on Direct TV Soon!.. on

Erie Pa CopWatch and SpotLight Tv's Bussiere's Mentor Alki David Says Battlecam Will be on Direct TV Soon!.. on Billionaire Alki David and fiance papped by TMZ

Alki David founder of and Bussiere's mentor , eccentric billionaire behind the Obama streaker stunt and fiance Jennifer Stano is papped by TMZ off Melrose Ave in W. Hollywood

Doom28 trying to get Christian Lestat of Erie Pa CopWatch to look at him @

Sorry Doom28 but Bussiere is into girls

Retarded Stoned Pot Head GhostDog Gets caught hacking by Bussiere of Erie Pa CopWatch/SpotLightTv

This Stoned out of his mind Pot Head was so high that he thought he could hack Bussiere of Erie Pa CopWatch/SpotLight Tv's page and do what smoke what may be the illegal weed
After Bussiere saw that he banned GhostDog and informed battlecam about GhostDogs Actions on

You would have to be high to think you can get over on Lestat Bussiere like this pot head ass clown.

DJkemos and GhostDog takes over SpotLightTv/ Erie Pa CopWatch on

Old man Gets mad at Erie Pa CopWatch's Bussiere for running like a cop

Old Man gets mad @ SpotLightTv/Erie Pa Cop Watch and talks shit on BattleCam.Com/SpotLightTv

Old Man gets mad @ SpotLightTv/Erie Pa Cop Watch and talks shit on BattleCam.Com/SpotLightTv

Erie Pa CopWatch's Bussiere uses cop like powers to police

Alki David says Erie Pa CopWatch's Bussiere is here 2 stay on BattelCam [HQ]

Alki David talks to Erie Pa CopWatch ( Lestat Bussiere ) and gives him a challenge [HQ]