Monday, November 3, 2008

A-Alikes- Ballot or The Bullet Film Trailer (out on Oct 30th)


A-Alikes film "The Ballot or the Bullet" produced by Paul Biedrzycki is set to release on October 30th. The film follows the NY rap group A-Alikes over the course of the three months leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election. While each political party has built their platform on the theme of "change", A-Alikes specifically address what type of change individuals want to see in America. A-Alikes speak with figures such as Chuck D, Joy Bryant, Rosa Clemente, M1, Umi, and Immortal Technique, asking the question, "How do oppressed people gain freedom: through participation in the political system or through armed rebellion?

A-Alikes will also release a 4-song soundtrack, which is seamlessly integrated into the film and inspired by current events. The lead single, "No Savior" delivers a different perspective to the current political structure, focusing more on self-empowerment versus the worship of political figures or historical icons.

Who's Who of Erie Pa ( Part 1 )

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sound Of The Erie Pa Police =Music Video


Times iz Still Hectic =Usher Club Erie Pa

Myth & JioVanni face2face with Young E ( Video 3 )

Myth & JioVanni face2face with Young E ( Video 2 )

Myth & JioVanni face2face with Young E ( Video 1 )

Myth Talks about Erie Pa hip hop Beef (October 10/2008 )

What is going on in the World of Nick Price of Erie Pa

Stranger outside of KRS ONE show in Erie Pa

814 rappers out side of the KRS ONE show

Erie Pa Rappers OutSide of the KRS ONE show in Erie Pa

( Erie Pa )Theatre 145 Bouncer Spanks Erie Horror Fest fan

More From Killer wolf Films in Erie Pa

The Wrong girl "Amara Arielle" talks to Christian Lestat Bussiere

OnPoint and Others out side the KRS ONE in Erie Pa

Out Side The Eerie Horror Film Festival 2008

ED NEAL (The Hitchhiker) on SpotLight Tv

Greg Ropp Of The Eerie Horror Fest

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Theater 145 in Erie Pa host a masterLock ( CLB VS ROB )

( Boston Ma )Ramming Speed talks to SpotLight Tv ( Erie Pa )

Mark From DisgraceD Talks To SpotLight Tv

Erie Pa's Sex Ghost Uncovered in Punk Rock House

Young E Talks about Beef Videos @Theatre 145 in Erie Pa

Megan plays the Role of Mark Swift at Craze in Erie Pa

People Drink Bankers Gin in Erie Pa

Sabz Enjoys her B day at Club Craze In Erie Pa

SpotLight Tv says you should of been there

Hectic ( times iz still Hectic ) Live Erie Pa

Cohearence in Erie Pa

Wiz Khalifa On SpotLight Tv In Erie Pa

A B and Friends out side of a Erie Pa Club

J Rock and Friends Out Side Of Papa George's Country Bar


Hectic ( The Man of His City ) and Friends in Erie Pa

Hectic And The Fam Respond to Youth Squad (Erie Pa )

JioVanni and Spotlight Tv @ ParkPlace Erie Pa

Youth Squad in Erie Pa

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Wrong Crowd/The New Revolution ( Video Promo )2

The Wrong Crowd/The New Revolution ( Video Promo )

The Wrong Crowd will have Leon South in their corner and The New Revolution will have Christian Lestat Brussiere (CLB) in their corner

June 28th at Reynlow Park in Reynoldsville, Pa.

Helping an Old Lady aCross the Street in Erie Pa

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baltimore Cop Strikes Again

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


A monologue written by Eric Bogosian and performed by Shango

A monologue written by Eric Bogosian and performed by Shango
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