Saturday, October 22, 2011

Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

Fema Camp Coffins Investigated

An Anti-NEW WORLD ORDER SONG - Free This Town by Chris Geo Remix

The American Dream - FULL LENGTH

"Occupy Wall Street Has a Right To Be Angry" - Gov. Buddy Roemer, Fox Bu...

"Occupy Should Be Embraced, Not Ignored" - Gov. Buddy Roemer on "Freedom...

Black Panther Party at Occupy Cleveland: "We need to take back the Street!"

Occupy Cleveland

Occupy Cleveland Day 2 - with special guest DJBG

Occupy Erie protestors meet with Erie chief of police

Pirates and Emperors - Schoolhouse Rock

Watch live streaming video from occupyerie at

NYPD Police Pepper Spray Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Drunk homeless man peeing on Bank of America: Occupy Chicago? Haha

Occupy San Francisco: filmed at occupation

Occupy Seattle - park ranger smells weed

October 21 Occupy Phoenix march Chase Bank

Clips from Occupy Phoenix 10-15-11 99%