Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anthony Buzz Anderzeski Stands up for Sue Weber on SpotLight Tv

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forebore said...

As someone who works in the news I found this interview to be completely unprofessional. The minute Anderzeski heard the interviewer's base and juvenile question he should have ended the interview immediately (and frankly, if Aderzeski was any kind of a professional he would have). This is from someone who supports independent and alternative news sources: if interviews like this are the expected norm, then Internet news will forever be seen as a joke by the mainstream press and the public in general. My advice to this reporter is to clean up his act. You should either stop this deliberately shocking, attention-seeking gutter-journalism, or get out of the business entirely. Thank you for your time.

By the way, asking one question and then letting the guest ramble for nine minutes is not an interview.